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Small Business Shout Out: Martin Horn Construction

"Employees should be taken care of by their employers." - Martin Horn Construction

We appreciate the many businesses around the state like Martin Horn, a commercial contractor in Charlottesville, that are already doing the right thing and providing paid time off for employees to use when they are sick.

The company shared more about their values and philosophy as an employer in Virginia. "We are the only local contractor that pays a living wage to every single employee and all of our employees are offered the same benefits package, regardless of if they are in the office or the field. All of our employees start out with 1 week of PTO, which of course can be used for sick time. [As a result] we have an incredibly tenured team. Our average employee tenure is 10 years, which is 5 times the industry average! That means we spend less time dealing with turnover, which saves us time and money—not to mention, the ability to do our best job for our clients.”



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