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Small Business Shout Out: Midas of Central Virginia

"I take care of my employees so they can take care of our customers." - business owner, Mark Smith

We appreciate the many businesses around the state like Midas of Central Virginia that are already doing the right thing and providing paid time off for employees to use when they are sick.

Midas of Richmond owner, Mark Smith said "When my employees are happy, my customers are happy. My employees build relationships with our customers and they do a great job. Our customers trust them and know they are reliable and so they keep coming back to us. I save a lot more money in the long-run by retaining my employees [by offering benefits like Paid Time Off] than having to constantly hire because of turnover.The average annual turnover in the automotive repair business is 50-75% but at my locations the average tenure is 8 to 9 years. That’s incredible! I treat my employees well and they stay with me for a long time.”


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